Vowing out

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I thought I was ready to take on the daily blog challenge in this space again this year, but for a variety of reasons I have already come to see that now is not the time. I shall continue come and go from the page, as the urge seizes me, but am officially breaking my diarological vow!

Here’s a lovey bunch of flowers instead.


Common AND garden

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I love our little pocket of Melbourne. Communal compost (200m walk that way) And look. We (all) have worms!!!

Loretta takes the Lead

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This is one of two canine companions in my life. Her name is Loretta and she’ll be turning four in February, which should make her an adult dog, but she’s still a rowdy adolescent, her dial permanently set to “play”.

Most mornings she’s up at first light, and my best days often start with a four kilometre walk in her company. So today she was very put out when I declined to set forth. Given that the mercury had already tipped 27º by 5am I decided that today shall be all about conserving energy. I have sealed up the house against the forecast horror heat and we will all be lying low till the change hits.

Lie low, Loretta! Lie low.

Reflective Practice

Posted in Health and Wellness on January 5, 2018 by wandalusst

I should know by now. I should know that when I’m seriously bamboozled about something, the only possible path to clarity is sleep. Overnight, ideas and answers presented themselves, and my morning I had a clear pathway for “the archivable” and at least the beginnings of a plan for The Rest.

Re-use, re-cycle, re-boot?

Posted in Health and Wellness on January 4, 2018 by wandalusst

I had a delightful day out today, and took two of my nieces to lunch in a ‘fancy pants’ restaurant. Even so, I kept my promise and did an hour in the office beforehand, emptying out the contents of yet another drawer. This one was full of antiquated technology. An old dictaphone that uses cassette tapes. A tiny little microphone that plugs directly into an iPod. Back ups of old play scripts of mine, written on computers I had years ago – their umpteen drafts saved onto those square micro discs we all used – is there word for them – diskettes perhaps? – but more to the point – what am I to do with them now?

The Stuff of Life

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Yesterday I commenced what is meant to become The Great Cull of 2018. I fear it may take a year to complete, given the pace of things thus far. My lack of method may also be a problem. Yes, I have read Marie Kondo, and I have my own copy of Magnusson’s The Swedish Art of Death Cleaning, but when it comes to the moment of choice that determines what is trash or treasure, I choke. Does one sort first, and then cull? Does one pack the entire room and then restore only what is required for ongoing functionality? How to tackle this monumental task?

Whatever the method, the outcome must be serious downsizing. There is so much in here that is archival, sentimental, or no longer in use. I have had this office for over ten years – since major renovations were conducted on the house back in about 2006. In that time I have written and/or co-produced several extravaganzas of one sort or another – theatrical productions, a philanthropic organisation, a doctoral dissertation – with this space as the engine room! Is it any wonder that the room is a kind of geological event? The detritus of these endeavours engulfs me.

And it can’t go on like this. The reality is that it’s a kind of cave-become-hoard. I agree with those who contend that hoarding can be unhealthy. I feel the weight of all the stuff I have accrued – not just in this room but in other parts of the house and would love to be able to winnow it down to something manageable. I doubt I’ll ever be a minimalist – though I have great admiration for those of that persuasion – but I would like to have a basic grasp of what I have and why, and where the %#@*in the house it actually is! (I also hate the idea that if I was to die suddenly – and let’s face it, this does sometimes happen – someone else would be lumped with it. My memories would then become recast as someone else’s mess.) And I feel I am at a moment in my life where I need to make space, literally, for what is to come.

This January-February presents me with that rare gift: unfettered time. I have no major commitments and nowhere in particular to go. The house is mostly mine too, at the moment, so I can spread things out and survey the contents closely in quest of a modus operandi.

How to turn mountains into molehills? Your thoughts welcome.

2 January 2018: UPS and downs

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