1 January 2018

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In 2011 I made a vow to myself that I would keep this blog every day for a year. I was part of a WordPress thing – A Post A Day – and because I had a Catholic childhood and am trained to make and keep promises on pain of eternal torment in a fiery hell – I signed on, and did so, in lieu of a diary. I found it an interesting exercise, but more than this, I discovered that it had unexpected benefits in the form of a boost to my confidence as a writer. Having to get something out every day meant that I found story in places I might not ordinarily have sought it. This in turn had benefits to my Mental Elf.

I think I’m going to try doing it again, this year, here, and over there at the other blog too, where I’ll have a slightly different focus. In this one, I think I’m going to try to keep focusing on the same things I looked for then, given that it remains a formal research interest of mine. This idea of ageing as a creative act and what that might mean, and invite, in terms of play, but with a side helping of “diarology” with its roots in the Latin, diarium, meaning “daily allowance”.

So. Here’s my daily serve, day one, and there’s me, wading into the waters of Williamstown beach yesterday evening, keeping another observance, the annual New Year’s Eve dunk in the briny sea to wash away the old year. We went on to have a charming, slightly kooky festival for two – with a beachside picnic (under siege from moths), followed by a viewing of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (hmmmm) at our local cinema, followed by cheese and champers on a hillock in our neighbourhood from where we watched the fireworks that announced that 2018 was officially upon us.

And so it is. Resolutions? Yes. I have some.

To be continued.


Winged wonders

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Hello. It’s me. Is anybody out there? If so, this is just to say hi, I hope 2013 is going well for you. And also, at Doris’s insistence, to share with you this astonishing photo I took (yes, i really did) on January 1 this year on a walk between Anglesea and Point Addis. I have since put it on my desktop and it gives me such a thrill every time I see it, that I was persuaded to post it here too.

Little time for bloggery here otherwise, with all energies focused over there, with Things That Fall Over…. If you don’t know what that is, go to http://www.thingsthatfallover.wordpress.com and sign on….

Till next time, may the blue wren of happiness be with you!

Tickling the ivories.

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Two kids. An idle piano. Federation square. Melbourne festival time.


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So bright and shiny here today. One happy dog.

Two black swans

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On the maribyrnong river

Testing emailed image again

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11 October, 2012 12:51

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