About Rocque

A woman of many wigs, Rocque is but one of several alter-egos gathered over fifty odd years by a sometime playwright, now Masters student, living in Melbourne, Australia, with her partner and their dog. Her particular research interest of the moment is how creativity illuminates the ageing process, especially for women. She has a particular fascination with Late Bloomers – women who only come into their full creative and artistic powers in later life. As someone who has had a long struggle with Writer’s Block, she finds solace, inspiration, and community in the blogosphere and so, as part of her research, has started this new blog as a forum for discussion of the above, and, perhaps even a way forward.

Rocque Around The Clock will be a diary of sorts. Its purpose is to meander through the territory above, whilst reserving the right to make short side visits to any and all of the following:

Disguises & Dress-ups

Dabbling and Dilettantism






Disease, Decay, Death


I welcome your thoughts and insights.


2 Responses to “About Rocque”

  1. Vicki Passmore Says:

    Hello Rocque – I’ve just stumbled on this website and am delighted by this new venture of yours. Am just about to go and visit your beautiful new garden – how’s that for interesting timing! I’m looking forward to having a leisurely stroll through this site later today…

    • How wonderful to have a reader!! Yes, early days on this one and a bit time-poor at the moment, but open to the world… Would love to know how you managed to stumble in. My young niece did too, somehow, so I’m assuming there’s a way across, via Wanda. (Sounds like a Roman Street: Via Wanda!) Sorry to miss your actual presence today in the actual garden, and looking forward to hearing your thoughts… But now, I’m off to work!!

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